How 5 Popular Web Hosts Have Grown Since 2005

How 5 Popular Web Hosts Have Grown Since 2005

March 18th, 2008

Royal PingdomRoyal Pingdom has a great analysis of how five of the most popular web hosting companies has grown from April 2005 to December 2007.

They compare the web hosting companies by looking at how many domain names they each have on their DNS servers and how these numbers have changed over time.

The five web hosting companies are:

  1. DreamHost (625,470 domains)
  2. iPower / iPowerWeb (414,788 domains)
  3. BlueHost (374,965 domains)
  4. HostGator (299,463 domains)
  5. Site5 (64,737 domains)

Number of domain names over time

DreamHost is leading the pack with more than 600,000 domains, while HostGator and BlueHost have had the greatest percentage-wise increase. iPower started out having most domains, but is now only number 2, and will probably be overtaken by Bluehost within the next 3 months. Site5 is fantastically respected and well known, compared to how few customers they actually have.

Pingdom also looks at the month-to-month growth, which shows that iPower had a surge in customers in the beginning of 2006, when they had a very aggressive domain promo. Until recently DreamHost had the biggest monthly growth, but actually it looks like BlueHost in currently the fastest growing host of the five.

Read the full article at Pingdom to see the graph of monthly growth and read their thorough analysis.

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